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What’s behind that smile? An attempt to match the profile photos of more than 66,000 Twitter users with their personality traits could add firepower to those looking to divine insights into individuals from their digital data Such forecasting could help advertisers target ads more correctly, for instance, or enrich a company’s hiring process.

“ of measuring personality through social media A very important facet is that it’s not obtrusive. You’re directly observing people’s behavior instead of requesting them to report on it,” states Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, whose staff presented their investigation this week at the Global Conference on Web and Social Media in Cologne, Germany.
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To immediately categorise the personalities of thousands of Twitter users, Preoţiuc-Pietro and his colleagues analysed each individual’s 3200 most recent tweets. Meanwhile, 434 of the group of 66,000 completed a traditional mental . In both instances, consumers were scored on the “Big Five” character traits: conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness, extraversion and neuroticism.

The staff subsequently searched for the options that come with each profile picture and correlations between test results. A few of important relationships emerged.

Individuals with conscientiousness scores, for instance, tended to reveal themselves on their own rather than in groups, and to communicate positive emotions in their photography. Individuals who scored quite open seemed to favor arty pictures. Neurotic people tended strongly not to have their face observable whatsoever. “These are pictures which people consider representative of their online persona,” claims Preoţiuc-Pietro.

This is a very good first step towards analysing graphics for style,” says Jennifer Golbeck at the University of Maryland. She would like to find if their penetrations hold up the group bring in account graphics from other platforms for example Facebook to see,. After, the team hopes to launch a public demo of applications that can let anybody upload their profile pic to be analysed in this way.
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