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YouTube"Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" was a boost to play - particularly when you had someone there to help guide you. Many games are exponentially more enjoyable when you have someone to play them with.
When I was growing up, I'd play Nintendo 64 games with my big brother all the time. We'd play "Mario Kart" and "Mario Tennis, inch blow the other person program rockets in "Halo, " and take turns playing "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. " Like a true little brother, I actually was always excited to watch my brother play a single-player game like "Zelda" so I could attempt to help him out when he'd run into trouble, either by contacting a game guide or simply by shouting a great deal of random stuff at him. (Neither tactic proved helpful very well. )
Today, my brother and We live across the country. We still play games online collectively sometimes, but our activities don't always complement, so we mostly play single.
Activision / BungieIn September 2014, my brother and I were both excited to play "Destiny, " the new sci-fi shooter from the makers of "Halo. " After a few months, though, the game had lost its luster on me. After completing the key campaign, I felt like I'd run out of things to do.
But my brother insisted I keep playing. In the course of a family reunion that December, he told myself many things I'd never known about "Destiny, inch including ways to get ultra-rare "exotic" weapons, complicated systems for leveling up your character, and a merchant that appears once a week to sell you awesome stuff.
We asked my buddy where he got all this information. He told me to visit the "Destiny the Game" subreddit.
Everything transformed after that. hack na msp
Since learning about that single subreddit, my experience with "Destiny" improved dramatically. Every day, people would post pictures and videos of their stories, achievements, and mistakes. People would regularly offer tips and tips I couldn't wait to try. That subreddit helped me personally find an organization of folks to play with in "Destiny, " which is needed to complete some of the tougher end-game activities like the six-man raids which reward you with some of the best loot in the game.
RedditThis is what the "Destiny" subreddit looked like when community members collectively found out a brand new weapon in the game. I would've never found it otherwise!
The "Destiny" subreddit taught me something important: When you have thousands, if not thousands of men and women exploring a single game, you will learn all of its strategies. And it makes the game that much better.
Since then, I've contacted Reddit for almost every new game I've purchased or played. Right now, I'm playing "Bloodborne, " which is one of the toughest games I've ever played. I'm presently stuck at the second boss, Father Gascoigne, who transforms into a rampaging werewolf halfway through the fight. I've been fighting this boss since last week, and I've invested about four hours on him alone. Last night, though, I learned an interesting strategy on Reddit to help me quickly dispatch Daddy Gascoigne, which I cannot wait to try.
And that's why Reddit's personal subreddits for video games are extremely great.
In each of those subreddits are hundreds, otherwise thousands or millions of dedicated enthusiasts of the game who only wish to reveal funny anecdotes or pictures and video, show off the things which may have helped them find success, or help new players find their way. It's almost like having an older sibling there playing with you and guiding you through to the end, showing that the coolest things along the way. Almost.
Read the original article on Tech Insider. Adhere to Tech Insider on Myspace and Twitter. Copyright 2016.
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