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1. owele - 25 Мая, 2016 - 15:54:54 - перейти к сообщению
Pou hack, briefly speaking, Tamagotchi 2.0 in the form of applications for smartphones and tablets. The main protagonist of "the game", released in 2012 on iOS, Blackberry and android OS is undefined creature, by some called the potato, the other a stone, and the rest simply pile (Pou closest to the English word poo, specifying in a gentle way excrement just). The player discovers Pou in annoying circumstances of aspect - famished somewhat, dusty and having no desire for any activity. The goal is to bring fun animals (?) To working condition and ensure his well-being.

Fun in Pou governed by simple systems. Player creature feeds, cares about his health, sets him to rest, and also provides entertainment. For almost every action receives experience points (promotion to raised levels is synonymous with growing up Pou) and usually some money to the money pot. Funds also obtains in dozens of mini-games inspired by the most popular headings and genres mobile. There have been here classic match-3 logic, memory, and Doodle Jump clone, playing noughts and crosses, road runner, sports games, as well as simple platforming. Looted money - the procedure can be speeded up deciding to utilize micropayments - seems to be on a variety of additives, items and objects of clothing, allowing personalize Pou and the setting where the every full day lives.
Pou is in my own opinion an interesting game, especially if I use pou hack tool to get faster and faster levels
Pou no chance compare to Flappy Bird - both productions combines ease, poor and secondary. They are incredibly downright addictive also. Furthermore, their authorship is attributed to a solitary developers: Dongs Nguyen (for Flappy Bird) and Paul Salamehowi. However, while the Vietnamese designs game titles "always", a great deal for the 25-year-old Lebanese Pou was the first way when it comes to digital entertainment industry. Insufficient experience didn't prevent the esteem of the fantastic success - a few hundred million downloads in the App Store and Google Play Pou makes one of the primary hits in the history of mobile. Performed deservedly?

Pou cheats makes, doing it in an exceedingly dangerous - the participant is compensated and praised always, which is focused on this, to help Pou. The game aims inside our level of sensitivity and sense of responsibility for another creature, not really presenting anything in exchange. Sorry, but the time spent at the Pou a well utilised rarely. The game doesn't have much to provide mini-game offend and quickly bored simply, and to care for the creatures could not be considered nowadays as an factor that may attract focus on the longer (although, thanks to the perfectly applied mechanics gamification, which control the commitment of the participant doing his thing in the virtual world, the problem in many cases looks quite differently - see many facebook profiles established by fans of Pou).

Pou is a mobile occurrence that filled the gap after the Tamagotchi and achieved great success. Development of Paul Salameh doesn't have too many belongings, and if it is of dubious quality. Pou with personalization and envelope gamification mechanisms, comes out to the indegent and the fragility of the whole project. It turns out, however, that many millions of users to do not head completely. Tamagotchi his time also didn't encourage craftsmanship yet won many fans. People needs, if overshadowed by selfishness even, or weaned aside by long term lack of time, just waiting for fulfillment - Pou this highlights the bitter, for some people, the reality as excellent.

Rating: 2/5

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